Friday, December 11, 2009

Inspirational Movie Worlds

I love constructed movie worlds. The set designer's imagination is the limit, and these worlds exist absent of building codes, fire departments, accessibility, and most noticeably absent, cars. So much of our built environment is built around the car, while these constructed movie worlds are built at human scale, and I believe the reason these worlds are so attractive is that we are naturally drawn to a world that is built at our scale, not the fire truck's standard turning radius.

From the movie "City of Ember" (the inspiration for this post)

From "The Goonies" (my favorite movie world as child...I would have given anything to go down the waterslide in the cave)

(Photo: Teapots Happen)

I always wanted to hang out in the caves "down in Fraggle Rock."

(Photo: MuppetWikea)

Whoville from "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"

(Photo: JimCarreyOnline)

And of course, the original color movie world: Munchkinland

(Photo: La.MetBlog)

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