Monday, February 22, 2010

Seven Green Trends for 2010

Ecohome Magazine reports on the Seven Green Building Trends for 2010.

Expected to be widely available in 2011, Powerhouse solar shingles install and perform like standard asphalt shingles while harnessing the power of the sun to offset a home’s energy usage. Unlike traditional frame-mounted PV panels, the shingles are installed flat against the roof deck; they are compatible with most new and existing residential rooftops.

Retrofits, solar power, and water conservation seen as some of the top issues this year.
The first weeks of the year always drive building pros to predict which green products and technologies will emerge and which existing trends will gain greater acceptance, and 2010 has been no exception.

Green building experts point to the drop in price of photovoltaics, a widespread introduction of super-efficient water heaters and windows, finalized WaterSense specifications and, of course, the struggling economy as major developments leading to this year’s biggest trends.

Here are seven hot topics that will impact the way green pros do business. (Click here for complete story).

1. Water Conservation
2. Green Remodeling

3. Solar Products
4. Zero-Energy Homes
- Much of the discussion around this subject involves pre-fab homes. The concept is a good one: like the automobile assembly line, creating the pieces to be put together on site creates less waste, provides for quality control, and centralizes skilled labor. However, until this idea gains traction outside of the high-end market, the advantage of economy can't be realized, and pre-fab homes will remain Dwell cover fodder. Builder/developer Onion Flats in Philadelphia proposes that pre-fab will be the way of the future for multi-family housing, and is pairing with a concrete company to develop pre-fab concrete units that will fit into a building like a filing cabinet.
5. Energy Modeling

6. Super Efficient Windows

7. Heat Pump Water Heaters

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