Monday, April 19, 2010

Construction Progress

Construction is picking up speed again on our current residential project in Friday Harbor. The electrical inspection was approved last week and we are finishing the rough plumbing and mechanical needs this week. I had a fun trip off-island with our client to choose the final plumbing fixtures for the entire house. The process took approximately four hours in Burlington's Keller Supply Showroom. We are working with the requirements of the new Watersense Certification which has strict regulations on all faucets and shower heads. I was nervous this might limit our selection too much, but I found that most companies are carrying Watersense certified products. Hansgrohe Axor Massaude Series is one of the many products chosen.

The exterior of the residence is closing in and allowing us to move toward the hardscaping of the courtyards and driveway. The Corten Siding application has taken longer than expected, but is looking great. We originally screwed the Corten every 16" o.c. to align with the studs, but came back and added screws every 8" in order to eliminate any warping of the steel. The battens were installed over VaproShield as an open joint rainscreen application. VaproShield is a weather resistant, breathable membrane used as a house wrap for wet walls and rainscreen assemblies. It allows any trapped moisture on the interior to escape thus preventing any mold or mildew. For more information on VaproShield go to:

The insulation has had me in a quandry the last two weeks. The argument for blown-in cellulose insulation is growing rapidly. People consider it the "greenest of the green". However, there is a huge debate developing against it as well. This debate will be a blog post of its own, but you can read more about it at I have to admit a large part of my decision making process was the price. The blown-in cellulose turned out extensively higher in price than the EcoBatt insulation which seems to be just as "green". Finally, a decision has been made! This product is amazing if you're used to the feel and look of typical batt insulation. You can actually touch this soft, brown material and install without wearing a mask to breathe. Read more at

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