Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Container Studio Space

18' ceilings in the studio space. Photo Credit

There's a lot of buzz about container architecture: using used shipping containers to create buildings. The idea has gone beyond the college architecture studio and into the real world. 

Jetson Green features a Container Studio Space in New York State, reported by Preston Koerner. The client needed a 700 square foot studio space, but had just a $60,000 budget. The result was a much more upscale space than could otherwise be built for $85 a square foot, and she was able to build 850 square feet.

Two 9'-6" x 40' x 8' shipping containers were placed on top of the foundation walls, and the steel floors removed, to form the 2-story studio.

Images: Jetson Green

This is a great example of how shipping containers can be used in a way that you don't even know that you are in one. For this project, the containers cost $2,500 each, including shipping. They are a great solution for creating affordable ADU's (Accessory Dwelling Units), Alley Flats, and on-site studios.

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