Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Harbor Permanent Farmers Market

D+A Studio is working with Elaine Kendall of the San Juan Islands Agricultural Guild and Architects Richard Hobbs and David Waldron on ideas for the future of the San Juan Farmers Market.  

The Agricultural Guild has been looking for a place for a permanent farmers market in Friday Harbor. The farmers market would take place two days a week and the space would allow for community activities at other times. The farmers market currently takes place in the Courthouse parking lot Saturdays, April through October. This location is not ideal due to the lack of protection from the elements and its limited availability.

Site of the Friday Harbor Brick & Tile Company property

Sketch of the existing building

Friday Harbor Architect David Waldron has been working on the schematic design. His sketch appeared in the San Juan Islander.

Anna recently participated in a charrette for the future of the historic building at 150 Nichols Street, the Friday Harbor Brick & Tile Company property, touted to house the market. She worked with the group exploring a minimal approach of retrofitting the building for more immediate use by allowing a covered space for the booths. Another group looked at restoring the building and adding lofts or office space to the second floor and booth space below.  

The charrette focused on the key elements of define, design, implementation and action. The process has been in motion for a while, but "This brief, quick and intensive session can bring all together as you all move into final design, construction and use of this valuable resource for the community," according to Richard Hobbs, FAIA.

There will be another charrette to focus on the site on July 12th. We will post details as they become available. 

Read the Feasibility Report here:
Archives of articles from the San Juan Islander:

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