Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bantering With Clients

One of the simple joys in life of a small design firm is when a client allows you to make a model. Sometimes we do this for ourselves, on our own time, but if a client is willing to engage in the process with you, it's even better.

To our delight, we participated in many months of schematic design on this project, to the point where you know each scheme you have presented inside and out and even dream about it. This is great because you get a sense that the clients understand the drawings and the vision and are aware of everything that is happening in the design (often, this doesn't happen until construction, when changes are costly).

Of course, you never know how things look outside of your own mind. Like most designers, I picture everything in 3d before the mouse moves. But you never know how your clients are experiencing the un-built project in their minds. It's exciting to watch them working with the model, moving things around, taking it to the project site to see how the lights works.

My enthusiasm over these little rough paper models may seem silly to those who work in larger firms with model making shops in house or with on projects with very high budgets. But, for a small firm (2 designers + 1 part time intern) trying to keep costs low for everyone, these little paper gems are a fun way for a project to come alive in 3d.

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