Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Better Today?

MSN Real Estate explores the question, "Will your new home still be standing in 50 years?" By Marilyn Lewis of MSN Real Estate

They find that sawn lumber and craftsmanship are worse today, while affordability, weatherproofing (as anyone who lives in an old house has experienced), windows (in terms of insulating value and energy efficiency) and doors (in terms of withstanding wind and rain) are better. There is no doubt that we are building tighter, drier, and more weatherproof than ever before.

But, efficiency isn't everything. I could almost withstand the single pane windows that hemorrhaged heat in my turn of the century Chicago apartment in exchange for the 12 foot tall ceilings, 12 inch solid wood base and crown moldings and stronger-than-oak wood floors.

Now, I live in a "Built Smart" condo with crooked drywall covered in flimsy MDF baseboards, where the utility bills, and unfortunately, the charm, are low.

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