Monday, January 11, 2010

Life after the Designer

When you work for many years on a building, dream about it, spend time in every corner and column, you can forget that the entire point is for the building to live on long after you have approved the final change order. There are few things more satisfying than to see life actually happening in the building, the spaces living and breathing.

Concept for Churchill Corner. Renderings by Richard Mullen, Presentation Art Studio.

Churchill Corner

The Churchill Corner project is a 26,000 SF mixed use building in downtown Friday Harbor. As you arrive on the ferry, it is perched on the hill above the ferry boarding lanes. There are five residential units above eight commercial spaces.

Photo by John Sinclair

One of the commercial spaces is occupied by Concepia, "your center for creativity," an art/photo/community gathering gallery owned by photographer John Sinclair. John has worked with us taking photographs of our San Juan Channel House, which have been featured in Seattle Magazine and Builder/Architect Magazine, as well as in our marketing materials and on our website. Every other Friday, Concepia hosts "Secret Salon: Conversation. Art. Entertainment. Food. Drink."

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