Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Green, green, green

By now, we are all probably tired of hearing that word, and it has lost a lot of its meaning, if we even knew what it meant to begin with. We are also guilty of over-using the term, and I understand why some may be skeptical of our use of the term for custom homes.

We are very proud of our first full design build project that is currently under construction, the Hare House, Phase II. But it is understandable that some may balk at the "green" labels this house is expected to achieve (Built Green, Energy Star, WaterSense), given its size (just under 4,000 SF) or just given the fact that it is a new house. 

But we are not claiming to solve the environmental crisis. We are providing a dream home for the clients, a life long culmination of what they want in a house, and the house will be more energy efficient, water efficient, and material efficient than it would have been. Yes, it would be more "green" to move into an existing house, but is a home for retirement and the clients first custom home. The clients have relocated to the island to be closer to their children and grandchildren, thus cutting out dozens of air travel trips. 

I am not writing this post because of any negative reaction to our work. I just want to put it out there that we know that there are people who are skeptical of the whole green building movement. I totally understand and even agree to some extent. There are many different ways to be "green", from making a few moves of conservation to building a completely off the grid house out of salvaged materials. As architectural designers, it is our job to walk with the clients down the path they envision, helping them make sustainable choices along the way. We choose to look at the positive, viewing any "greener" choice as a victory, while still looking to push the limits wherever possible. 

That said, if you want that off-grid, all salvaged material house, give us a call!

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