Monday, August 30, 2010

Redesign without the Remodel: Formal Dining Room Library Conversion

Although the bread and butter of our residential work is working with homeowners who are building or remodeling, our design expertise applies just as much to arranging furniture as it does to laying out floor plans.  In September and October, each Monday design.banter will feature "Redesign without the Remodel", with tips on how to "remodel" your home using furniture and items you may already own. Your home can have a brand new feel without ever lifting a hammer (well, except to hang a picture), since the vast majority of us are not currently remodeling our homes or building a new one. It also goes without staying that the greenest design is adapting your current home to your changing needs.

Make use of a formal dining room: do you have two dining areas, one of which is rarely used? Have the formal dining room do double duty as a library. This can help get visual clutter out of other rooms while adding to a room that may need a breath of life.

The Royal Bookcase from Dania is formal yet provides ample storage for books and photos. Place antique books and classics in the glass cabinets. Place books that are tattered in the closed cabinets or a storage bin placed on the bottom shelf. 

Hide old or unattractive books in a storage bin fit for a formal room. Bladis Basket by Ikea, Knos CD box by Ikea or the Skubb box by Ikea can be used for small paperback books.

A glass front cabinet keeps the room formal and makes any book or DVD look more attractive. Home Decorator's Collection Oxford Shelf on Amazon.

A snappy yet formal chair like the Dixon Accent Chair from Dania provides a place for reading in your new Dining Room/Library. It can also be placed at the head of the table for dining.

A storage ottoman like this one from Moshya Home Furnishings on Amazon
 can replace chairs on one or both sides of the dining room table and provides lots of hidden storage.

Adding function to a rarely used room will in turn add another room to your house without the hassle of a construction project. Next week: Is your formal dining room too small to be converted to a library, or you don't need a library? Do you rarely use the second dining area? We'll look at turning your breakfast nook into an office area and homework hub.

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