Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pros and Cons of Vinyl-from posted a great Pro/Con article on vinyl. Daniel Morrison argues that Vinyl is Lethal and "from cradle to grave, it's the worst choice," while Patrick Moore presents vinyl in a satisfactory way, at least compared to other building materials, and says that "building with vinyl saves on energy and material costs."

As discussed in the article, vinyl often gets "green" credit because of it's durability, in windows for example, or white color in roofing for heat reflection. But from what I have found in my research about the manufacture and its affects on its workers and the surrounding environment, and the fact that they cannot be recycled or even broken down,  I would like to avoid using vinyl if possible. But it remains an attractive option for windows because of the energy efficiency, cost and durability.

Here I recommend the movie "Blue Vinyl: The World's First Toxic Comedy." for an overview...not the greatest documentary ever made, but an entertaining introduction to the world of vinyl.

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