Thursday, November 25, 2010

Some things we are thankful for....

A few things we are thankful for here at D+A Studio
  • Great clients. Period.
  • The fact that our already great clients are interested in things that really excite us, like ruthlessly seeking the most sustainable solution. These include shopping for salvaged mill work at Second Use and working with us to balance natural materials with energy efficiency and indoor air quality.
  • Stores like Second Use, the REstore, and of course Craigslist for satisfying the bargain hunter in all of us, while helping do our little part to create less waste.
  • That the interior finishes are coming together on the Hare House in Friday Harbor, which we designed and are building.
  • Great partners in the building industry: consultants like PAO Structural, contractors like KDL Builders and On-Site Builders, green building partners like Green Dog Enterprises, and suppliers like Island Glass Services in Friday Harbor.
  • That our subcontractors (Guard Electric, Gordon Elliot, KDL Builders and MEM Enterprise) still show up in 20 degree weather with snow on the ground.
  • That Dan Brown hooked up the in-floor heat in the Hare House a week before the freezing weather.
  • The fact that though Dr. Hacker (yes, that's really what he calls himself) may have temporarily crippled our website, we can still design.banter. Thank you to our readers!
  • And, last but certainly not least, that each of our teams are in the top 25 this year, at least until our big Thanksgiving holiday games.
Happy Thanksgiving from D+A Studio!

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