Friday, November 26, 2010

Top-10 Green Products

Building Green has announced its annual top 10 list of Green Products.
I am describing the 3 products that caught my eye, but please follow the links for more information and the complete listing of all 10 products.

1. First on the list is Nylodeck: a moisture, mold and termite proof decking material that is made from 100% recycled carpet fibers with a 30 year warranty. I have not personally used this material but am very interested in how it prices out compared to traditional wood decking. I will keep you informed.

2. Foamglas Closed Cell Board Insulation eliminates the concept of swelling and moisture problems typical of building insulation. It is non-combusible, impervious to water vapor, no warping or buckling of the insulation boards and it is easy to cut and shape.

3. Bensonwood OB Plus Wall System: This 12-3/4" thick superinsulated wall system allows your house to achieve near net zero performance. They are marketed at a "fraction of the cost of a conventionally built home" and I am anxious for more specific pricing information. They sell standard wall systems as well as custom wall panels for any home design. I don't know the system details such as the air barrier system and construction integration, but I will post more as I learn.

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