Monday, November 1, 2010

We are now listed on the Universal Design Resources Website, which exists to promote and support Universal Design in the U.S. Universal Design simply means designing for all ages, sizes, and abilities.

The website is run by advocate and author Konrad Kaletsch. Click here to view articles by Konrad on Universal Design. 

We try to bring attention to aging in place and universal design issues at the beginning stage of each project. We provide clients with the Universal Design Checklist, and we also have a comprehensive client questionnaire which addresses aging in place issues, health problems, and special considerations.

Many of our projects are retirement homes and considerations have included main floor master bedrooms, flat thresholds, pocket doors, attached garages, off the floor toilets, roll-in showers, central vacuum, and an elevator; and for a few of the houses on hillsides, accessible entries to both floors.

We hope to keep incorporating more of these principals into our projects, in hopes that they will become ubiquitous, as trends in custom homes tend to filter down to speculative developments, so that all homes will be ready at completion or resale for all people, or for an unexpected injury or disability of the current homeowner.

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